FaceApp Pro APK V5.2.0 (Paid Version) Download For Android

FaceApp is the most popular application mostly used for human facial customization! Hey There, faceappproapk.com is all about FaceApp Pro Apk. Using faceapp pro, you can edit your selfie with 100+ powerful editing tools.

You can make yourself younger, older, beautiful, handsome, and even you can edit bread and hair. In the internet world, everyone is on social media and they post their cute selfies so that they can show up with their friends on social media and to post a good selfie as you want.

You have to use a photo editor application just like faceapp. The faceapp pro is a premium photography application and using faceapp, you customize yourself and good you want to make yourself in the picture.

FaceApp Pro APK

All About FaceApp Pro Apk

FaceApp Pro Apk is the paid version of this app. FaceApp has a free version and paid version as well, the free version has lots of features locked so if you want to unlock all these features then you have to download faceapp pro apk. FaceApp only works on the human face so it won’t dramatically change your dress lookup. All the effects and changes that you can see in the face and hair only.

If you are looking for a photo editor app specially made for social media users like WhatsApp, Facebook. Instagram, etc so check out faceapp pro which is specifically made for you because it only changes your overall facial look and makeup. FaceApp pro produces very high-quality pictures and that is the best part of this app.

  • Without Watermark
  • All tools unlocked
  • Premium or pro unlocked
  • High-quality photos rendering

How to Use FaceApp Pro

The interface of this app is very user-friendly and simple to use. When you open the app the first thing that you have to do is to put your photo in the app and then it will redirect you to the editing dashboard from where you can edit your photo by using the given tools.

How FaceApp Works

The technology behind the app is probably a very technical subject so we are not going to discuss it in detail but let’s get to know in short, faceapp is developed by Wireless Lab and published by FaceApp Technology Ltd. FaceApp was launched for ios in January 2017 and for android in February 2017. FaceApp uses artificial intelligence technology. FaceApp is an AI-enabled application and it uses artificial intelligence to detect and modify the facial expression in the photo.

Highlights of FaceApp Pro APK

  • Premium Features Unlocked: As you know that faceapp pro is a paid version of this app so that in faceapp pro apk, all the premium feature is unlocked forever free.
  • Adjust Effectiveness: Some of the effects have control of effectiveness that you can adjust the effect efficacy.
  • Presets: Presets are the pre-made design or template that you can use when you are in hurry so then you can edit the complete picture with just one click of presets.
  • Picture Quality: No matter how many effects you add in the picture but eventually when you render the image then the output will be superb and the picture quality is really good.
  • Layout: There are lots of college or multiple image layouts available that you can use to insert multiple photos in one picture.

Checkout These Amazing Features:

  • Change hair color
  • No watermark
  • Premium pro unlocked
  • Add tattoos
  • Hundreds of amazing filters and effects
  • Change your gender and age
  • Swap your face and change your god gifted genetics
  • Modify beard and mustache.
  • Minimize and maximize the face size and shape
  • Do Makeup and makeover yourself.

Download FaceApp Pro Apk MOD Unlocked 2021

faceapp pro
NameFaceApp Pro/MOD APK
Version5.2.0 [Latest Version]
Size65 MB
Developer & PublisherFaceApp Technology Ltd
Get it ongoogle play
Requires5.0 and above
Installs100 Million +
Last Update
Download FaceApp Pro + Mod APK

FaceApp Pro/MOD APK Download Latest Version

Average Rating – 4.6 (8153 votes)

Download the version that supports your android device to successfully run this app

App Info:

  • Change gender or sex
  • Make yourself younger and older
  • Beautify yourself
  • No Watermark & logo

Use of FaceApp:

Mainly use to change gender, make your selfie perfect with amazing effects and filters.

What’s New:

  • We completely redesigned the Fun section, refreshed the look of some controls, and learned the Editor to start even faster. And fixed long app launch time. Enjoy!
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

How to Download FaceApp Pro Apk

If you want to download and install faceapp pro on your devices the purse the following instructions given below very profoundly:

install faceapp pro apk
  • Click on the download button to move to the download page.
  • When the downloading page opens then choose the version you want and select it to start downloading.
  • Now, go to the device setting and click on the additional setting to allow the unknown sources for application installation.
  • Last but not least, Install faceapp pro apk and use all the premium and exciting features for free.

Download FaceApp Pro APK Premium Unlocked

Download FaceApp Pro V 5.2.0
faceapp pro
Size65 MB
APK TypePRO + MOD Unlocked

FaceApp Pro (V5.2.0) APK Support Android Version 5.0 and Above

Download FaceApp Pro V 5.0.1
faceapp pro
Size27 MB
PriceFree (0 USD/INR)
APK TypePremium Unlocked

FaceApp Pro (V5.0.1) Works with Android 5.0 and up [100% WORK]

Download FaceApp Pro V 5.0.0
faceapp pro
Size65 MB
APK TypePro/MOD Unlocked

FaceApp Pro MOD APK (V5.0.0) Works with All Android Smartphones Up to 5.0

Download FaceApp Pro V
faceapp pro
Size38 MB
APK TypePro + Paid Unlocked

[100% WORKING APK] FaceApp Pro (V4.5.0.10) Works with Android 5.0 and up

FaceApp Pro APK Cracked

Some Important Features of FaceApp Pro Apk

FaceApp Pro has abundant of features to explore and some of the most useful features are listed below, so read it very profoundly:

Premium/Pro Unlocked

FaceApp is a freemium photography application means that it has lots of premium add-on features which is only available for faceapp pro users so if you are using the normal play store version of this app then you can’t get access to these amazing features so that to get unlocked all the pro features, you have to download faceapp pro apk from here.

No Watermark

Watermark is one of the worst things in this app. When you use the free version of faceapp then you'll experience that it has a weird watermark that showing up on the image and it looks so unprofessional. If you want to get rid of this big issue then you've to install faceapp pro apk because it has no watermark at all.

Unlimited Filters & Effects

FaceApp is popular for their AI-based amazing filters and effects so if you are using faceapp but you don't have all the filter and effects unlimited then it is not worthy to use this app because all the good filters and effects are only available in Pro APK then you can to download the pro version of this app that I've shared here with 100% working link, so hit on it and download this app.

Video Editing

Lots of people don’t know that you can also edit videos with faceapp, just click on the video section and upload a video then you will enter in the faceapp video editing dashboard from where you can edit videos by using the given tools. You can also see the live preview of the video. Just like faceapp photo editing, you can change age, facial expressions, Makeup, and much more tools are available for video editing.

Photo Editing Interface

This app mainly used for photo editing because it has abundance of powerful photo editing tools that you've never seen in a mobile photo editor application before. FaceApp has a very simple interface and dashboard which is also very user-friendly. you can also see how is your photo before editing and after editing; just by holding your finger on the image to see a before-after look.

Change Age & Gender

FaceApp recognize face shape by using artificial intelligence to apply change in the face so just like that you can change the age and gender of the male and female characters with the help of faceapp. You can make yourself a small child to an old person and you can change your gender to male or female and also add male or female characteristic.

Change Age & Gender

FaceApp recognizes face shape by using artificial intelligence to apply change in the face so just like that you can change age and gender of the male and female characters with the help of faceapp. You can make yourself a small child to an old person and you can change your gender to male or female and also add male or female characteristic.

Hair, Mustache and Beard Style

Good hair, beard and mustache are very important to look perfect because most of us are dis-balance in these things so that is the reason you can use faceapp to make your bread, hair, and mustache perfect. There are various hair, mustache, and beard styles available in the app that you can use on any gender. No matter the image is of a male or female character; you can customize or add hair, beard, and mustache.

FaceApp Pro Useful Tools:

1. Size

If you have a big fat or even thin face and it looks weird in photos and selfies then faceapp will be your favourite photography application because, in faceapp pro, you'll get a feature with which you can adjust your face size and shape; You can adjust the size of the nose, lips, face, eye and more and it doesn’t look like fake, it looks very real.

2. Makeup

Makeup is a very essential tool for girls and nowadays boys also use makeup a lot so, if you also have pimples on the face that look ugly then you should check out faceapp that helps you 100% remove pimples from photos s and make a smooth and glossy skin. Although there are lots of makeup variations that you can select which one suites you.

3. Glasses

After making your photo super cool, if you think something is missing then you can put a cool glasses and it automatically makes it fit by using AI-based technology. There are lots of glasses that you can choose which one looks good on your face and then apply it.

4. Face swap

Change your genetics by using face swap. It is a premium tool or feature in faceapp application. You can swap the face of anyone to anyone by using this app. It is a really fun feature and it look very real; You can also see that how will your daughter or son looks if their face is similar to yours. You can also swap your face to any celebrity and also swap their face to you and it automatically generates a whole collage image that includes your face, celebrity face, and swap face in the center.

faceapp pro

FaceApp For PC (Windows or MAC)

Although it is officially not available for pc! if you want to download and install it on your pc then you can definitely do it, just pursue the following installation guide given below very profoundly to install it successfully…

FAQ For FaceApp Pro

What is the Paid Version of FaceApp?

The premium or paid version faceapp comes with lots of additional features and unlike the free version, all the locked tools are fully unlocked in this app.

How to use FaceApp Pro Apk For Free?

To use faceapp pro for free, the first thing that you have to do is to uninstall or delete the free version of faceapp from your device and then download the paid version from faceappproapk.com and install it.

Is Downloading FaceApp Pro Apk From Third-Party sources safe or not?

I don’t about other websites but the apk that I've shared here is 100% safe and secure. There is no virus and malware at all and it also doesn’t track the personal information of users.

What's the Difference Between Faceapp and Faceapp Pro?

There is a massive difference between the free version of faceapp and the paid ones. More than half of the features in faceapp free version apk is locked and the paid version of faceapp has all the premium and locked features unlocked that you can use to create professional photos. Unlike the free version of faceapp, faceapp pro also has no watermark.

What You'll Get with the FaceApp Pro?

You will get tonnes of advantages with faceapp pro app because it is a premium app so it comes without watermark and all the tools unlocked.

Does FaceApp Pro Reduce Picture Quality?

When you edit a photo using faceapp then the output you have, you can’t declare without any doubt that it has reduced the picture quality but it does. Faceapp reduce picture quality but to a very minor extent.

Final Word

FaceApp is a very advanced photography application and it has tonnes of premium and innovative features that you can use to edit photos like a pro. If you don't a pc or you are not suitable to use pc software like photoshop and more then so don't underestimate yourself because you can edit photoshop (pc software) level photos by using faceapp pro app.

They use such a high level of technicians and engineers to invent such a powerful editing application for mobile devices but if you want to install this app on pc even then it is possible. You can also install this app on your pc and all the information are shared here [faceappproapk.com] so check out all the blog post of this site because this site is all about faceapp app.


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FaceApp Pro APK V5.2.0 [Paid Version] MOD Unlocked Download

Download FaceApp Pro APK (MOD Unlocked) Paid Version. FaceApp Pro is #1 Trending Human Facial Customization App! Download FaceApp Pro Mod APK NOW

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